Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai first December 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina Tests Sameer’s Love

By | January 28, 2018

The Episode begins with Shanti instructor requesting that understudies eat and tea as transport will stop there for 10-15 days. Sameer plays moth organ. Munna and Pandit get some information about it. Sameer says his unique companion had given to him, yet then her dad got exchanged and he overlooked her. He says he is Pavan, once in a while here and now and then there. Naina, Swati, and different young ladies hear him. Swati gets considering and goes to naina. Primary converses with his better half. Shanti instructor requests that understudies sit in transport. Important educates instructor concerning his significant other whom he met over an espresso and afterward he got hitched as well. Swati discloses to Naina that you are not his first love. Naina says that young lady left Sameer and says she is certain that Sameer will wed her. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was strained from inside, and doesn’t know

that Sameer’s adoration was because of wagered and not for marriage.

In the transport, Naina tells swati that Sameer is playing mouth organ pleasantly. Swati says it was given by his first love and have recollections with it. Naina says you are desirous. Swati asks her how she will test if his adoration is for marriage or timepass. Naina says she is certain and tells film names. Swati requests that her take Sameer’s test. Naina asks would you say you are frantic? Swati says when incredible man gives test then for what reason wouldn’t him be able to, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai you will know whether he is legend or zero. Naina says he will likewise be my legend. All of a sudden auto gets punctured. Driver says he will change the tire in 20-25 mins. Educator requests that understudies not go far and says we should remain close tea slow down.

Sameer and Naina converse with each other. He asks how could you feel tuning in to me playing mouth organ. Naina requests that he play guitar. Sameer grins. Naina likewise grins. Swati says we are stuck in wilderness. Munna says I can deal with you. Swati says might I call instructor. Pandit comes and takes Munna with him. Swati requests that Naina test Sameer and offers thought. Naina says this is a shabby thought and this place is peculiar. Swati says we have only 20-25 mins to test Sameer’s affection.

Naina asks would you say you are certain? Swati says yes. She comes to Munna and Pandit and asks where is Sameer? Munna asks what was the deal? Swati discloses to them that Naina went to wilderness and got lost. She requests that they request that Sameer go and seek Naina. Munna and Pandit go in the wilderness. Naina sees them and thinks where is Sameer. Swati sees Sameer and inquires as to whether he went poorly? Sameer says he went to washroom. Swati says Naina went to wilderness and haven’t returned. Sameer figures Munna and Pandit must not have educated him as he went to washroom. Iniya Iru Malargal He tells that he sent Munna and pandit to wilderness to bring Naina. Naina comes infront of Munna and Pandit and asks where is Sameer. She says she is lost and goes.

Anand Chacha returns home and calls bela. She says she is in his heart. He inquires as to for what reason did you call me. Bela plays the melody bahar se andar koi… murmur tum ek kamre me band ho… and shuts the entryway. They move impractically and strikes RK’s posture. Rakesh pushes the entryway and comes inside, gets astounded seeing them in RK posture. Bela gets humiliated and goes inside. Rakesh reprimands Anand for getting back home early and inquires as to whether he came to do this bold thing. Anand says he was having torment in back and that is the reason returned. He gets some information about his excursion to Mount Abu.

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