Sparkle rivalry – Entries now open!

By | March 26, 2018

Tops Day Nurseries have promised to expel sparkle from every one of the 19 day nurseries over the South Coast, following the revelation of how much harm the sparkly stuff can cause to the earth. The nurseries squander temporary workers, Biffa and The Resource South Ltd, have been working with Tops Day Nurseries to set up better approaches for decimating sparkle economically.

Tops Day Nurseries don’t need it to go into the water supply or into the air since it would harm our condition, so Biffa acknowledged it as general waste (it’s not recyclable) and will consume it for vitality. Be that as it may, this isn’t a long haul arrangement and just consumed, notwithstanding for vitality, if all else fails. In the wake of actualizing the sparkle boycott, Tops Day Nurseries don’t need any repetitive sparkle backpedaling to the wholesalers who can just pitch it to different nurseries and schools, so where would they be able to utilize it well? To answer this inquiry Tops Day Nurseries have set up the accompanying rivalry:

Would you be able to think of an utilization for the several kilos of sparkle that has been made however ought not be sans set for play or simply fun? Would it be able to be utilized intentionally as opposed to consumed? You could be a business, school, college or school understudy, a researcher, or just somebody who can conceive brand new ideas.

Would you be able to make something that sparkle can be utilized as a part of as a lasting element? Something that will contain the sparkle and prevent it from spreading into the earth? Without a doubt somebody can think of something extremely valuable or essential the sparkle can be utilized to make, after all sparkle goes on for around 400 years. Snap here to download the Glitter rivalry application shape

Applications sent in to Tops Day Nurseries by April 30th to with title – GlitterBan. Applications will be set apart on imagination, research, advancement and common sense. Greatest 400 words, clarifying your item, and how the sparkle will stay out of the earth. A model or exhibit item can be incorporated, photographs/recordings or face to face, and may give favorable position to the passage. (There is a constrained measure of sparkle accessible free on ask for from Tops Day Nurseries to enable you to make your items.)

Vouchers: £50 and £25 x 3 for sprinters up, in addition to loads of sparkle on the off chance that you need to proceed and set up a pilot business task to make your sparkle improved item with help from the exceptionally experienced Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries, Cheryl Hadland.

Do you have sparkle at home or at work that you now need to discard dependably? Send it to us and it will be put to great use all through and after the opposition.

JUDGES: Representatives from Arts University Bournemouth, GECCO (Green Education to the Community Coalition Organization) and Just One Ocean.

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