Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

By | February 9, 2018

Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed grows a one of a kind smaller write assortment from Turf-Seed, Inc. which has the characteristics most wanted by turf-grass experts. Those characteristics include:

An exceptionally dull blue-green shading

Diminutive person development propensity

High tiller thickness

Dry spell resistance

Solid general malady protection

Great resistance to close cutting

Over 15 years of demonstrated execution!

Likely the most extraordinary element of Midnight Kentucky bluegrass is its uncommonly dull blue-green shading giving it a rich shading even under low support conditions. Its high tiller thickness gives a thick cover that will face the misuse of athletic fields and high activity. sods st. john’s Sod makers and mortgage holders alike will make the most of Midnight’s smaller person development qualities which result in less mowings and lower support costs.

This exceptional cultivar indicates great protection from leaf spot and stem rust, stripe muck and dollar spot. College trials have archived Midnight’s warmth and dry spell resistance.

Unique Note: In view of its extremely observable dim green shading you may need to utilize alert with utilizing Midnight to overseed high visual-affect sports field stands. Appropriate/notwithstanding overseeding must be utilized. Midnight is taking care of business when utilized as an unadulterated mono-stand yard grass… be that as it may, it additionally can be blended into existing KBG stands to enhance home yards.




From Seedland

Accessible just in 50 LB sack sizes.

Midnight Kentucky Blue Grass

Above: Midnight in shady conditions. Midnight has great shade resistance when contrasted with different Bluegrass assortments under shade conditions. Like all Bluegrasses, Midnight performs best under full sun conditions. In heavier shady regions a fine fescue might be a superior decision, or include into a blend.

Utilizations For Midnight Bluegrass

Midnight is prescribed for use on athletic fields, greens, sod mixes, parks, proficient finished, and home yards territories where Kentucky bluegrass is adjusted. It is perfect in mixes with other darker green, bring down developing bluegrasses and in blends with solid crawling red fescues and enhanced “II” and “III” arrangement of turf-type perpetual ryegrasses.

Soil, Atmosphere and Fruitfulness Necessities

Midnight performs well in sand or substantial earth soils, and like all bluegrasses, performs best in soils with a pH of 5.5 to 8.0. Three to five lbs. N/1000 sq. ft./year is satisfactory in many zones of the Unified states. Nonetheless, due to Midnight’s dim hereditary shading, bring down manure rates will yield worthy shading. An adjusted compost of 3:1:2 proportion of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) with sulfur is prescribed in most geographic areas.

Foundation of Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass

Midnight, similar to all bluegrasses, requires around 3 weeks for finish germination. Shading might be seen before that time, in any case, in great developing climate where soil temperatures are over 65 degrees F., anticipate that 3 will a month for a total remain of grass. Midnight has great cutting characteristics and can be kept up at a cutting stature of 1/2 to 2 inches.

Plant Patent Secured Assortment

Midnight has been allowed PVP number 8200181. Unapproved increment is denied. Read about how high Midnight rates at

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