Meeting with Doug Stein, (Principal) MemeSpark LLC

By | August 6, 2017

Key Points:

Customized learning is a developing enthusiasm for K-12.

See work DreamBox learning is doing, for what they are doing, SCORM, even CC separates, they are utilizing developmental evaluation.

Movable trouble, level of help, in light of student

Could be upheld by giving student profile, execution data on past SCOs, learning encounters

There must be some method for giving companion information a chance to impact conduct of SCOs.

This ought to be preprocessed, doug stein can’t put excessively computational weight on the SCO.

Not all SCOs will have the capacity to utilize all student profile components, should be extensible

Three cases to consider:

blended direction and evaluation with customizable trouble

blend of direction and evaluation objects, modified day by day playlist

bank of straightforward inquiries, used to recognize level

There is bunches of enthusiasm for suggestion motors.

as of now no standard bundling for pathing information

as of now no standard to portray accomplice information

Should bolster versatile appraisal as one extraordinary, utilizing basic inquiries to gauge level.

SCORM does not have hearty portrayal of appraisals.

need to help address bank, following inquiries utilized

should take a gander at IMS QTI

Try not to require a program session.

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